Life is a Destiny

“Life is a Destiny” ( 15 minutes) is about Argun Ismet Imamzade who was born in 1949 in Limassol, Cyprus. After his parents left for England he lived with his grandparents, his brother and his 3 step-brothers from his mother’s first marriage. Their home was bombed in the conflict between Greek and Turkish Cypriots following independence from Britain in 1960. After some months in a refugee camp, and a very interrupted education, Argun, aged 13, and his older brother sailed to England to join their parents. Argun carried with him a family photograph album, going back several generations. He had hidden it behind a metal cabinet when the house was being bombed and then rescued it from the rubble.


Life is a Destiny Poster

3 thoughts on “Life is a Destiny

  1. As an archivist I loved the story of how Argun clung to the photograph album. Really enjoyed the screening at Rio this afternoon and the Q&A


  2. Dear Eithne,

    Congratulations, your research has taken you to how many countries: 20, 30 . . . and now a truly local story to bring your efforts home. xx john Houston


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