Sadeka Nujhat

Sadeka Nujhat, born in 1996 in Bangladesh, went to Italy at the age of 1 with her mother to join her father. At the age of 15 she came with her parents and brother to East London.

When Sadeka and her mother joined Sadeka’s father in Italy they first lived in central Milan and then moved to Pero, just outside Milan. Italian neighbours helped Sadeka with her homework and enjoyed Indian food cooked by Sadeka’s mother. The family socialised with other Bengalis on Saturdays but most were from Dhaka, not Sylhet.  During the long summer holidays the family often returned to Sylhet, Bangladesh to visit Sadeka’s grandparents.

Sadeka got worried about moving to London. She thought the education system would be different and did not speak English. Yet within 3 and a half years she had passed her GCSEs and 4 A levels and gained a place at Queen Mary University of London.

When Sadeka first arrived in Tower Hamlets she was welcomed by other Bengalis who thought she was ‘cool’ as she was from Italy. Her Bengali improved and she learnt more about this aspect of her culture. There are things she misses about Italy but wants to stay in England although she would prefer to live by the sea. She thinks there are great advantages of having lived in three countries – Bangladesh, Italy and England.

Read Sadeka’s full spotlight story


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