Manuhar Ali

Manuhar Ali, born in 1957 in East Pakistan in 1957, came on his own to East London at the age of 16. 

Manuhar Ali was born in Sylhet, East Pakistan in 1957. He was encouraged to migrate to the UK  by his uncle. At the age of 16 he travelled on his own to London. He first went to live with his cousins and friends in Thrawl Street off Brick Lane. He did not go to school as he was past school leaving age. Instead he went to evening classes in local centres and colleges where he eventually gained his A Levels.

Manuhar’s first job was in suede and leather craft. He later worked at Ford Dagenham and then in community work. He, with his friend Salaam, was a founder of the Progressive Youth Organisation. They were both active in the fight against the National Front on Brick Lane, something that the older community, at the time, were reluctant to do.


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