Ligia Lima

Ligia Lima, born in Brazil in 2001, came to East London at the age of 7 with her Brazilian mother and British stepfather.

Ligia was born in Sao Paulo in Brazil. She came to London with her mother, a teacher, and then stepfather, when she was 7. She was excited to leave Brazil but realized she did not understand how different things would be or how she would miss other members of her family. She finds London really interesting – the varied  clothes people wear and the different religions. She likes Broadway Market in Hackney and English breakfast but misses some Brazilian food. The first winter she made five snowmen in her road.

At first, she had difficulties at school in Hackney as she did not speak English and was bullied. Now, at secondary school, she is doing well and thinks being bilingual is really cool. She loves horse riding at Lee Valley and would like to work with horses when she gets older. She goes back to Brazil for holidays and to see other family members. Close family also visit her in London including her father, a musician, and stepmother. Sometimes she goes to Germany to see her stepfather’s family.

Ligia is always concerned that all her family, both in the UK, Brazil and Germany are happy. She could never choose between Brazil, where she was born, and London, where she now lives – that would be totally unfair. She has now moved to  a larger flat with her mother and stepfather to accommodate a new addition to her family – Ligia’s baby sister.

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