“I don’t understand scones”

I Don’t Understand Scones is one of four films that explores child migrants’ experiences of welcome and non-welcome across the UK. In 2017 Mitchell Harris and Eithne Nightingale, iPhone in hand, spent two and a half days interviewing children, and their friends, who have migrated to Sidmouth from Syria, Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria and Holland. In June 2019 Carole Clark, Inclusion Manager at Sidmouth College secondary school, updated me on the children’s progress:

“Bekir has completed A levels and is going to study in Turkey. Derya still wants to go to Bristol University and is doing her GCSEs. Shahad ‘s English is great but she doesn’t want to teach art anymore and Floris now feels at home here. Oliwia is taking GCSEs and is hoping to go to Exeter College. Velina is now at Exeter College studying computers. All of them feel very settled.”

A special thanks goes to Mrs Carole Clark who invited us to the school and made us so welcome and to all the children for their participation and allowing us to screen the film online.