Voices Past and Present – Stories of Child Migration

“Voices Past and Present” (10 minutes) presents powerful statements about reasons for leaving, extraordinary journeys, first impressions on arriving in the UK, and feelings of home and belonging. It features the voices of  children who, amongst others, migrated from Ireland and Austria in the 1930s, India in the 1950s, Caribbean in the 1960s, Bangladesh in the 1970s, Turkey in the 1980s and Somalia post 2000.

The music of Henry Bran, who came from El Salvador aged 17, provides some of the backing track.

Our anniversary edition, seen below, has been released in 4K and features new excerpts.

Voices Past and Present Poster

9 thoughts on “Voices Past and Present – Stories of Child Migration

  1. What a wonderful site you have created. It’s very beautiful to look at and easy to navigate and I love the feeling of space. You have preserved an important piece of social history but also created a discussion piece that encourages contribution. It’s a wonderful modern document of record that is not patronising or preachy but thoughtful and inspiring. Well done.


  2. Marlen Mouliou, Chair of the International Committee for the Collections and Activities of Museums of Cities, Lecturer of Museology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens says:

    My warmest congratulations on the excellent work produced in this evocative digital platform on child migration. We’ll be in contact, especially now that we have in Greece such a huge wave of migration and refugee incoming. It is indeed heartbreaking. Thousands of children have gone missing during their migration journey as they travel without their parents. This is a tragedy of unprecedented scale.


  3. What a little jewel this is! Beautifully assembled and edited and flowing so gracefully – I am so moved by these little snips of people’s stories. I feel privileged to be a part of this and have a real feeling of solidarity with others in the film – something new for me.


  4. The film is truly wonderful and beautifully put together. It encapsulates so many themes for discussion.


  5. Thanks for sending me this. What an excellent job you did producing it. It’s a fine looking website! Good for you.


  6. I have been meaning to let you know how much I enjoyed the video of child migrant stories. It’s wonderful, so well put together, moving and exciting to look at.


  7. Congratulations this is a lovely film. So great to hear so many different voices from different times.


  8. Congratulations, what a fantastic achievement! The site is beautiful, interviews substantial and moving and its potential for an ongoing, living archive, as well as a space for contemporary storytelling and debate, extensive.


  9. The project shows positive and joyful experiences as well as talking about the dark stuff that people are running away from. I think it’s important to present migrants’ lives in the fullest sense because so often it can just be too heavy. There is a danger of seeing migrants only as victims. Projects like this celebrate peoples’ lives in their countries of origin and demonstrate that leaving is a sad, solitary and often last resort.

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