Highlights – 2019

17th February 2019 

Presented Child Migrant Stories and screened “Seeking Sanctuary on a Scottish Island” to a conference “Students for Global Health” at
Kings College Guys Campus, London Bridge. Mainly medical students and doctors were present. One doctor thought it was the Bute film was the best film he had ever seen!

28th February 2019 

Presented Child Migrant Stories and screened “Seeking Sanctuary on a Scottish Island” to a seminar on unaccompanied child migrants at St George’s Hospital, Tooting, London.  This was for medical students and staff. One doctor spoke of the impact of the hostile environment policy on the NHS.

18th March 2019 

We screened ‘Voices Past and Present’, “Child Migrants Welcome?” and “Seeking Sanctuary on a Scottish Island” at Queen Mary University of London. The panel was made up of representatives from STAR (Student Action for Refugees), Safe Passage, Ashvin Devasundaram, film lecturer at QMUL and Duncan Ross (interviewee).


21st March 2019

At the Migration Museum Project in Vauxhall, London we launched two new Child Migrants Welcome? films – “I am Well Here” about unaccompanied migrant children in Norwich and “I don’t understand scones” filmed in Sidmouth College (secondary school). These were screened alongside “Child Migrants Welcome?” and “Seeking Sanctuary on a Scottish Island”. The films were followed with a Q&A with Gulwali Passarlay, author of The Lightless Sky, Barbara Winton, Patricia Till from Bute.

4 April 2019 

Eithne talked to Hackney North Labour Party about Child Migrant Stories, Child Migrants Welcome? and the Passage/Lord Dubs campaign for the UK to accept more unaccompanied child migrants. 

30 April 2019 

Eithne gave a presentation at a seminar at QMUL on Welcoming Acts for Hostile Times, using short clips from both audio and films on welcome and non-welcome received by child migrants.  

3 May 2019
Eithne gave a presentation at the Conference on Shifting Frames: Migrant Children, Politics, History” at the University of Potsdam. She also screened “Child Migrants Welcome?”as much of the discussion focussed on age assessment. The key speech was given by Professor Jacqueline Bhabha.

13 June 2019 

We screened “Child Migrants Welcome?” at an event jointly run by Hackney Council and Hackney Museum linked to a campaign to secure more foster parents for young asylum seekers and refugees. 

16 – 23 June 2019  

Hackney Museum used the films and material from Child Migrant Stories for the Refugee Week Schools Programme for the fourth year. Linh and Maurice participated.

16 – 23 June 2019 

Shoreditch Park school in Hackney screened “Ugwumpiti” and the learning material for the Refugee Week School programme. 

June 2019 

Rabbi Gluck and Wendy Pettifer represented Child Migrant Stories on a panel

following the screening of “Child Migrants Welcome?” film at an Enfield Stand Up to Racism event in Dugdale Centre, Enfield. 

23 June 2019 

In cooperation with Norwich International Youth Project we screened “I am Well Here”, “Seeking Sanctuary on a Scottish Island” and “Ugwumpiti” at the Picture House cinema in Norwich. Maurice participated in the discussion and performed at the end of the event.

29 June 2019 

We screened “Passing Tides”, “Voices Past and Present” and “Seeking Sanctuary on a Scottish Island” at the Oxford Arts and Cultural Festival.

1 July 2019 

We screened “Passing Tides”, “Ugwumpiti” and “Seeking Sanctuary on a Scottish Island” at an art gallery for Deal Arts and Cultural Festival. The films were also shown on a reel during the week. Maurice performed after the event. 

 September 29 2019

“Ugwumpiti” was screened at Leytonstone Loves Film Festival.

 Maurice and friends from Phosphorous theatre company were on panel. Organised with the charity Stories and Supper.