“East London Stories” highlights profiles of those who have participated in the research “Child Migration to East London: Life stories of departure, arrival and settlement” carried out by Eithne Nightingale at Queen Mary University of London completed in 2019. The child migrants have come to East London, Hackney or Tower Hamlets between 1930 and the present day from different parts of the world under the age of 18 – either with or to join family or on their own.

 ‘Spotlight Stories’ draw on the own words of those featured in East London Stories, taken from the oral history interviews. 

“Welcome Stories”, both positive and negative, have been collected through outreach activities including at  festivals from child migrants and those who care for, or care about, them.

“Worldwide Stories” include stories of child migration from around the world including UK wide by different contributors.

If you would like to contribute stories email Eithne Nightingale at