Child Migrants Welcome?

Child Migrants Welcome? aims to encourage understanding of, and empathy for, child migrants. It will explore positive and negative experiences of newly arrived children, the importance of friendship, respect for difference and child attitudes to migration through film, multimedia installations, public programmes and learning materials. The project is funded by the Humanities and Social Sciences Collaboration Fund at Queen Mary, University of London. It builds on 2016’s Child Migrant Stories initiative that has won a Public Engagement Award.

We are looking for participants who have migrated under 18 to the UK and are happy to share positive and negative experiences of welcome. We are also for looking for people who have welcomed or cared for child refugees and migrants in a formal or informal capacity – as friends, neighbours, carers, teachers, dinner ladies, shop keepers, therapists, lawyers, community activists and so forth. We will interview some people but also welcome other formats – Skype, phone calls, writing, art, music etc.

We invite you to share your experiences of welcome here. Do contact us if you or others you know are happy to participate.

You can explore what others have submitted to the project here.