Learning Resources – part time posts for school and adult ESOL students

Development of learning resources for “Child Migrants Welcome?”(School and ESOL for adults)

About Child Migrants Welcome? and Child Migrant Stories

Child Migrants Welcome? aims to encourage understanding of, and empathy for, child migrants, through film, multimedia installations, public programmes and learning materials. It builds on 2016’s Child Migrant Stories initiative www.childmigrantstories that won QMUL’s Public Engagement Interact Award 2017. This draws on research into 35 people who migrated to East London from 1930 to the present day under the age of 18.
See childmigrantstories.com/stories/

Four films have been developed as part of Child Migrant Stories. The first one captures moving statements about leaving and settling in the UK. See childmigrantstories.com/films/voices-past-and-present-stories-of-child-migration/. The second features Linh Vu who escaped Vietnam with her father. See childmigrantstories.com/2016/06/09/passing-tides-story-of-a-young-girl-escaping-vietnam-with-her-father/ The third features Maurice Nwokeji,  a child who survived famine and war in Biafra, now a musician https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eioWpfYroUs and the fourth features Argun Imamzade from Cyprus who protected a family photo album when his house was being bombed and then rescued it from the rubble.
See childmigrantstories.com/films/life-is-a-destiny/

The films, varying in length between 10 and 20 minutes, have already been screened in
cinemas, museums, community centres, universities, colleges and primary and secondary schools. They have been used successfully with both school and adult ESOL students.

About the role
We now wish to appoint person/s to develop:
A resource pack inspired by the Child Migrant Stories films, for use in schools. The resource will be linked to the National Curriculum and core values and must be suitable for a range of ages and learning styles. 10 days work at £200 a day.
ESOL resources linked to the adult ESOL curriculum for 10 days at £200 a day

The person/s appointed would need to be able to work from their own laptop/computer in premises independent of the project.

This initiative is being developed in close collaboration with Hackney Museum. The post-holder will report directly to the project manager, but will also receive support and mentoring from Hackney Museum Learning staff, who have expertise in teaching resource
development and a long history of teaching about migration.
This work needs to be completed by May 21st 2017.

You can apply for either or both of the positions. Please send the following to world@childmigrantstories.com by 2pm Wednesday April 5th.

i) a letter of interest outlining:
– teaching experience to school students and/or ESOL students
– experience of developing and designing learning materials to target group/s
– integrating discussion of migration issues into an educational setting
– your ability to complete the work in the time frame
– any dates that you are unavailable over the Easter break for interview
ii) your response to the following brief:
Choose a film from Child Migrant Stories website and detail three activities that could be included in the resource pack relating to it. State which age group the activities are aimed at and explain why you made that decision. For further enquires ring Eithne Nightingale on 07949 080 526.

The project is funded by the Humanities and Social Sciences Collaboration Fund of Queen Mary, University of London.

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